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All films on this website are for sale.
Postage is additional.
Email us for the current rates to your town.
All films have been run and were working copies, but all are in excellent condition with minimal wear and splices—though some wear may exist. These are not virgin copies that have never been projected.

If interested in a title we will pull it and carefully visually inspect it for any major flaws and color shift.

All films are on plastic reels.

They have been stored in a climate controlled environment and do not exhibit signs of vinegar syndrome.

WE accept payment via Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, personal checks or money orders.

Other titles can become available so check back or email us at


All Quiet on the Western Front / $350
Bill of Divorcement / Katherine Hepburn, John Barrymore / $300
Captain Blood / Erroll Flynn / $250
City that Never Sleeps / Chicago locations / $250
Country Girl / Bing Crosby / $200
Command Decision / $150
Deadline USA / Humphrey Bogart /
Flying Tigers / John Wayne / $300

All are Original 16 mm Prints and are in excellent Used condition. Eastman Kodak Positive Stock used for TV, but not worn to rags. All with Variable Area Soundtracks.

Son of Frankenstein / $550
The Mummy / $600
Frankenstein / $600
Wolfman / $700 - no end title (not restored until the 70s)
House of Dracula / $550
House of Frankenstein / $600
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman / $550


Act of Murder / $200
All My Sons / Arthur Miller / $200
America, America w trailer / $250
Adorable Julia / Lilli Palmer, Charles Boyer / $175
The Bank Dick
/ W.C. Fields / $250
Big Carnival / $350
Black Friday / $350
Boomerang / Elia Kazan / $200
Brother Sun/Sister Moon / $300
The Chelsea Girls / Andy Warhol All 340 minutes / $750
Concrete Jungle / Joe Losey, Stanley Baker / $250
Corsican Brothers / Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 1942 / $200
Dark Passage / $500
Day at the Races / $300
Dead Reckoning / $350
The Detective / Alec Guiness, Peter Finch / $300
Dr Crippen / Donald Pleasense, Samantha Eggar / $250
Dual Alibi Herbert Lom / $200
Duck Soup / $400
The French They are a Funny Race Preston Sturges' Last Picture $350
End of the River / Sabu / $175
Ecstasy / Hedy Lamarr Commercial Sound Version / $200
Escape From East Berlin / Robert Sidomak / $175


Carroll Baker, Technicolor

I A Woman Part Two

In Harms Way
With original 10 minute trailer, Otto Preminger, John Wayne

Lillies of the Field
Syndey Poitier

The Man Who Could Cheat Death
Christopher Lee, Hammer, Technicolor

Up the Down Staircase
Sandy Dennis, Technicolor

Walk on the Wildside
B&W, Jane Fonda

Where Love Has Gone
Harold Robbins, Bette Davis, Techicolor/Panavision

Fanny Hill
B&W, Russ Meyer

Wives and Lovers
Janet Leigh, Shelley Winters


Juke Girl
Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan


633 Squadron
B&W, British Classic War film

Three Stooges
Orig. safety film: Dizzy Doctors, 20 minutes

Singing in the Rain
Spliceless Technicolor, Original release — Trailer 3 minutes

Stolen Face
Lizabeth Scott, Paul Henry, Film Noir


Any Wednesday
Jane Fonda, Jason Robards. Technicolor

Busy Body
Sid Caesar, Technicolor

The Boy Who Stole a Million

Bridges of Toko-Ri
Grace Kelly, William Holden, Technicolor


City Lights
Original Safety print

Modern Times
Original Safety Print


Foxhole in Cairo
James Robertson Justice

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
John Ford, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart

O Dad, Poor Dad
Rosiland Russell, Technicolor

Quo Vadis
Original Overture, Technicolor

The Fighting Sullivans

Forbidden Games
Renee Clement, Subtitled

Ivan The Terrible
Sergi Eisenstein Part Two, Color Sequence, Subtitled

All $250 Each

The Black Glove Alex Nichol
Black Out Dane Clark
Gambler and the Lady Dane Clark
Heat Wave Alex Nichol
I’ll Get You George Raft
Paid to Kill Dane Clark
Scotland Yard Inspector Caesar Romero


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